Force all bicycle owners who use the roads of Britain to pass Compulsory Basic Training

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Moped Users are forced to do a Compulsory Basic Training coarse before they are allowed to use the roads of Britain,  most first time riders are restricted to 30mph, many racer style bicycles can exceed these speeds and are just as dangerous as mopeds and motorcycles yet are allowed to use our roads without full and proper knowledge of the highway code and rules of the road

Make bicycle riders including children do a similar test to ensure they are safe riders and understand the full laws and regulations as well as the use of learner plates the same as other road users learning to use the roads of Britain

In 2016 there was  18,477 reported bicycle accidents.

out of this number there was 8 children killed as well as 94 adults.

There was 309 children seriously injured as well as 3088 adults.

There was 1664 children slightly injured as well as 13314 adults.

These figures only include cyclists killed or injured in road accidents that were reported to the police. Many cyclist casualties are not reported to the police, even when the cyclist is injured badly enough to be taken to hospital. The figures also exclude cycling accidents that occur away from the road. Although the number of deaths is accurate, there could be two or three times as many seriously injured cyclists and double the number of slightly injured.

These numbers are very high and many could have been avoided with proper training and a basic understanding of the rules of the road and the highway code. As a full motorcycle licence holder as well as car licence holder I see it as unfair that we are penalised and forced to complete tests to use the roads of Britain while bicycles do not have to complete any type of formal training or even show knowledge of the laws

Bicycle riders swerve from side to side, have no mirrors to check for oncoming traffic from behind often cutting across roads in front of traffic. These bicycles are often in states of disrepair unlike car, motorcycles and mopeds they do not need to even have an MOT test to show its road worthiness

Human error is the main contributory factor involving cyclist collisions. Rider error was the most frequently reported reason for the incident involving 71% of all reported accidents in 2016.

Accidents involving child cyclists are often the result of the child playing, doing tricks, riding too fast or losing control.

For teenage and adult cyclists, accidents are more likely to involve collisions with motor vehicles, but about 16% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents reported to the police do not involve a collision with another vehicle, but are caused by the rider losing control of their bicycle.

In collisions involving a bicycle and another vehicle, the most common key contributory factor recorded by the police is ‘failed to look properly’ by the rider, especially at junctions.

Anyone with a child should be happy for this to be made law as it could potentially save a child's life so please sign and share this petition