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For Diabulimia to be medically recognised by the NHS and UK

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The word ‘diabulimia’ merges the words ‘diabetes’ and ‘bulimia’.

It is used to describe the situation where somebody deliberately and regularly reduces the amount of insulin they take due to concerns over their body weight and/or shape.

The long-term impact is severe hyperglycaemia and weight loss, as the body starts to break down its fat and muscle in order to get energy.

It’s really important to know that diabulimia is a mental illness; it’s not a rebellion or shout for attention, and although it's technically not a medically recognised condition, healthcare professionals are familiar with diabulimia and support is available. 


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As this eating disorder is not medically recognised doctors although wanting to help are not treating the cause just the symptoms of the illness. This ultimately can lead to kidney failure, blindness, amputations, debilitating neuropathy, organ failure, and ultimately death.  


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