Following the killing of my son in prison ,we want more safer& secure prisons and justice

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Change is a must

He's body may have been finally laid to rest today may Allah shower him with he's mercy . But Were still here and we won't rest till we get justice and see change in the system . Khader you will never be forgotten nor those who were responsible for ending your precious life . We want the prison system , government and whoever else played a role to own up and take responsibility for their actions , negligence and short sighting that lead to the most difficult period ever my family had to go through . We lost a son, brother ,husband and most wonderful father due to circumstances that otherwise could have been easily prevented . For that we still need your help to sign and share , so we can be heard and no one else should go through the heart break of losing a loved one to this tragic incident . May God bless you all

Naeema Abdallah salah
3 years ago