Fight sexual harassment, indecent assault and torture

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In a flash I felt his hand suddenly grope my buttock and also quickly
flick at my breast and I was on a queue, trying to check- in at the
Heathrow airport. My names are Siyanbola Adekunle, a Nigerian who
lives in Nigeria and the groping, uncontrolled hand belonged to a
Moslem cleric, a spiritual guide to successive Nigerian presidents,
named Alhaji Abdul
Azeez Arisekola Alao, the Head of ALL Moslems in Yoruba land - a
geographical area inhabited by the Yoruba tribe spread over the entire
South-Western Nigeria, parts of the South-South, North Central and the
Republic of Benin. Yes, that large and extensive a tribe and everyone
around us in the airport stared as I yelled at him and I had to
postpone making a police report of the assault until my next vacation
to prevent missing my flight back to Nigeria. But back home in Nigeria
I made a furore about the incident and consequently, soon after, I
suffered a botched assassination attempt and to also "convince" me to
stay quiet, not to
return to England to make a police report on what had happened at
Heathrow, I was arrested
by the Nigerian police, Yemetu, Ibadan division, where I was detained,
instructed not to speak again about the Heathrow incidence, I refused,
was tortured, injured, my international passport was seized, I became
stranded in Nigeria and was subsequently placed under surveillance.
When this Moslem cleric became significantly weakened socially,
politically and financially, I began another furore which led to my
preparations to return to England to make the police report, and just
at this moment, this Moslem
cleric suddenly conveniently "died" in "England," on June 18 2014 without any
existing death documents in England to prove his death. According to
immigration, the Moslem cleric truly arrived in England shortly before
he "died in England" on the 18th of June, 2014. However for at least a
long time after, he remained in England, if he ever indeed did leave
England. This means that as he was being "buried" in Nigeria on the
20th of June 2014 in Nigeria, this Moslem cleric was holed up in
hiding in England. As I speak,
this Moslem cleric still gives me sexual harassment phone calls from
the world of the "dead!"
Worse still, Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State Nigeria publicly
claimed, and is captured on video, the responsibility for bringing the
"dead body" of the cleric from England to Nigeria on the 20th June, 2014,
ONLY two days after the death. It is interesting to note that a
coroner's report takes a minimum
of four work days to process in England in order to take a body out of
England! This governor clearly
publicly lied just to obstruct my justice in England, aid and abet
sexual harassment and
assault. The British government should publicly declare the "death"
status of this man, find and arrest him in England, giving me justice.
Since this is a criminal petition, only one petitioner - I - am needed
but two British policemen
took bribes, though they got caught, in the Nigerian, James Ibori's
case, hence this mass petition to discourage such other attempts at
bribe taking in England on my matter.
Anything Nigerian, if not properly monitored, will always be tainted
by bribes, corruption and injustice. To
discourage high level bribery in this matter, this petition should get
to the British
Please sign this petition to encourage other women to speak up and put
decisive ends to these kinds of monstrous, beastly and inhuman kind of
sexual harassments.
And on the side, are you interested in staging an awareness march
along with me in
England? Please contact me on:

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