Extend the life of a CBT to 5 years for the over 25's.

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I'm sure there are a lot of bikers out there that enjoy a trip on the road when we have sunny days like we have been getting recently, obtaining a CBT is the first step to getting a class A license, but unfortunately the CBT is short lived and only lasts 2 years, I can understand that road laws are frequently updated and more and more youngsters are turning to motorcycles but some of us don't feel the need to go whole hog and want a machine that can tear up the road such as myself, I am quite content with my 125cc but the drawback is repeating the CBT and forking out in the region of 130 quid every 2 years.  I am a rider at the age of 37 and have completed the CBT for the fourth time, it's easy enough to say complete module 1 which is around 370 quid but I don't want to and don't use motorways anyway, it would be nice to see an extension on the CBT even if we have to pass a theory test too, I'm sure I'm not alone on this matter.