End the teaching of religion in schools.

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I won’t start this off with a mass of percentages and bar charts and statistics. I will start this off with simply stating that this thing I am asking for, in 2017, is the stopping of grown adults using up hours a week of our children’s curriculum teaching religious studies.

In no way, in this day and age, should this still be acceptable. The last thing I want is this to come across as insulting to religious folk, but when looked at objectively and realistically, children being taught about men in sky and life after death and in order to obtain such a thing must behave or else they will be sentenced to eternal damnation, is incredibly insulting to atheists, and should be viewed as unacceptable and barbaric behaviour to anyone with an ounce of dignity and common sense. There is no doubt, knowledge of such cults as Christianity, Hinduism and Islam etc. is important, not for the incredible good it does our children, not because it teaches our children right and wrong but important because it’s something that is getting forced into our lives whether we like it or not.

It’s no surprise that the Catholic Church would never want religious education to be removed from our children’s curriculum, as they know, as well as us, kids left with making their own mind up about religion, and only having news reports to judge them by, the downfall in church going would be a massive one.

I truly believe I would not be able to find a person who, religious or not, wouldn’t be able to write me a rather handsome amount of subjects or activities that would be a far better use of children’s time or school funding. It’s time we addressed this situation with realism and maturity and opened our eyes to how ridiculous letting these lessons continue actually is. I think I speak for most of the adult population when I say I would not stand for a child to have lessons on farther Christmas, nor would I accept them receiving homework or wasting valuable learning time on studying the yeti or big foot or the tooth fairy.

I put forth a hypothetical now, what if chemistry was substituted with alchemy, and they have homework on their thoughts of where the philosopher’s stone was? What if astronomy was moved aside for astrology and an exam question was to successfully predict Gemini’s luck by interpreting celestial signs? What if, they didn’t do well in these subjects and as a result of which, carried a grade that would affect their future career or education, solely on the fact they failed exams on unprovable nonsense? You wouldn’t stand for it, and stand for it you should not.

I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to waffle about myself for a minute. I, like many others, left school with absolutely no idea about how taxes work or a mortgage or what political party stood for what, neither did I learn about simple things like interview techniques or how to change a 12amp fuse on a plug safely, yet I did leave with the knowledge of a burning bush and resurrection and talking snakes and men from the sky. How we sing to keep him happy, drink his blood and eat his flesh and that I should take these teachings as fact. I think, and you must too that it’s time we bid farewell to these primitive teachings and replaced it with something useful. I can’t say, even as an anti-theist that god doesn’t exist definitively. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about fact and evidence.

I can’t say god doesn’t exist, but I know for an absolute fact politics exist and taxes and mortgages and 12amp fuses exist, and that’s enough for me to say it’s time to change the order of things and have factual and useful teachings reserved for school hours and the magical stories left at home. Thank you.

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