End the superficial blame culture in the family courts.

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The care crisis review has identified a superficial blame culture towards families in family court care proceedings. This blame culture is very extensive in nature and goes beyond anything that has ever been seen in this country in relation to the damaging consequences to children and families when they are torn apart.
In the north east alone six councils have identified that they have overspent on there care budgets because they are so focused on care proceedings and adoption but the local authorities would find it easier to implement support than to take children away and pay for care until they can be adopted out. Local Authorities are sliding in to the red, very soon they may not have enough money to support families (just look at Northamptonshire Council). The blame culture is rotting out the insides of the family court system, social workers and no doubt judges are not taking a sensible approach to what can be done to keep families together and are merely seeking to add to the huge number of children waiting to be adopted, this is not fair as it causes emotional harm to these children. Please, I invite you to join me in petitioning our Prime Minister to have a meeting with the Justice Committee to address the significant issues in the family courts and the Health and Social Care Committee to address the superficial culture of blame in our UK Social Services system.