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Discharge Care Order And Allow Joshua to Come Home! Threshold Was NOT Met - Family Law

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A Family Court has made a Care Order for my child to reside with his father, for "risk of emotional harm" that I was able to prove in 2013 and 2015 was coming from his father.

I was forced to work with the local authority despite the court ruling in my favour in 2015 against the recommendation of the local authority whose intentions then were to remove my child from my care because I had ruffled feathers by making a request to change a senior social worker earlier on that year that was assigned to my eldest child.

I was told the local authority would "inevitably seek statutory interventions" if the judge did not decide in their favour.

Having nothing other than hear say from the child's father and paternal family, the courts decided to take into consideration the wishes and feelings of my child and decided for the child to reside with myself.

I was again pursued by the Local authority who seemed to be lingering and dramatising minor things like my child (7 years old) saying his mum said not to talk to strangers - which was gradually made a "major concern" and I was accused of "coaching" my child and told this is the reason for my child not wanting to have contact with his father.

My child was taken twice, in April and in May 2016 in an interim care order and we have both been traumatised by being alienated from each other. He was returned to me in may as Social Services did not have any rights to remove him from me but did.

Contact was chopped and changed, cancelled on the day, suspended for 6 weeks, reintroduced, days swapped, time reduced, suspended again and I have now not seen my child since 4th November 2016. 

The courts have relied upon lies hence the decision that has been made, and due to difficulties with my legal aid representation, response deadlines were missed and the local authority deliberately submitted evidence to my solicitors late so that i could not be represented properly. I have evidence that I was not able to submit and the judge did not allow me to submitt any supporting evidence but allowed the local authority to submitt additional paperwork on the day that my barrister nor I had sighted before the final hearing. Where is the fairness for families fighting against local authorities?

I have been told I will need to do complex emotional therapy trauma for the domestic violence I suffered at the hands of my childs father, the same person my child is now living with under the care order, despite me being able to prove the Domestic Violence which was completely ignored and even denied by the child's father

I was diagnosed with mental health issues by my child's social worker who lead my childs school and other multi agency professionals to believe I am a mental health patient, despite me being able to prove in the final hearing that i have never been prescribed any mental health medicine. This defamation and descrimination by the local authority was ignored  and remains as the new truth to date.

Despite my child then being being 7 years old, I was judged for historical things like when he was potty training and had a few accidents at nursery when he was transitioning from pull ups to pants in 2011 and despite the complications I was advised of by doctors "that may occur during his childhood" such as the child grasping certain things later that most children due to my child being a 7 week neonate.

Not only did the judge rule in my favour in 2015 in private proceedings, but the same judge ordered the new social worker in April 2016 to complete a section 37 report and warned her about breaching orders as she had told the child's father to exercise his parental rights and not to return the child to my care. My child was returned to me on 19th April 2016.

The section 37 report was never completed and instead on 19th May an application was made in public law for an interim care order to again uproot my child from my care due me formally complaining about the social workers conduct at home visits and in meetings. My complaints have never been upheld despite my child showing me burn marks on his body and by the time anyone looked it had healed up and scarred over and I was told i was not permitted to photograph the marks on my childs body despite them proving my child is suffering at his placement in local authority care.

My child has reportedly threatened to self harm if he is not returned to his mummy and baby brother and due to my 8 year old being so fond of his male sibling, the local authority now seek to remove my youngest Child who is 15 months old and is a very contented and happy baby.

My character has been so badly damaged by biased social work reports and no positives being shared with the court that my youngest Child who has a seperate father to my first child now risks being taken and only because my eldest child has been taken hastily and unlawfully by not following the very practice we are lead to believe is there to support families and instead they have separated and caused parental alienation to my child by not allowing contact for 3-6 months depending on how my child reacts to not seeing me.

I plan to appeal the Care Order and if i am unsuccessful i will be applying to court in an application to have the order discharged. As I am litigant in person I would appreciate all the help and support you can give to help bring my sunshine home 

His wish is to live with me please help me make that happen.

I was not told of any gagging orders preventing me from sharing my grief and given it is public law, I feel the public should be made aware of the state Kidnapping taking place in the UK - punishment without crime .. when will it stop?

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