Deport all on the watch list and family members of known terrorists

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The country is appalled at the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and now London.

Now is the time to take a hard line approach, we should not allow these terrorists and their families to continue living in this country to destroy our values and people.

With over 23,000 on the watch list I would like to petition to deport all on the watch list along with their family members.

They continue to plot against our own people and think it is ok to kill innocent people, it is wrong!!

i fear for our children, what will become of their generation if we don't act now?

My 6 year old saw the television reports after the Manchester bombings and is still asking questions today about what has happened, children should not have to see this, they are the innocent ones who should be protected.

I am not racist and have good Muslim friends, and am not a politician or religious person but believe we must stand together now and make a hard-line approach.


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