Demand a change in mental health awareness, support and policy.

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Help me and others make a stand to highlight how the lack of support and awarness of mental health is a real issue in all communities across the country. Let's stand together on mental health services too many people are struggling in every day life to just live due to their mental health which is either being ignored or over looked. Then even when they are given little support it is not sufficient enough. Policies around how mental health is recognised plus how it is managed need to be carefully reconsidered. Procedures where a person is sectioned need to be reviewed and changes made. They should not be left alone without a full care package in place to fully support both the person and their families.  This is something close to my families heart and many families and people across the country. We lost a brother , a son, an uncle but most of all a young man who had so much to live for but because his illness was not supported as it should have been nor  was we offered support during or after my brother committed suicide, he lost his precious life.This just highlights the true issue for many of us across a nation where asking for help and getting no support should not happen.