Invest in specialist schools for Mental Health

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We have schools for a child with severe special educational needs or children with disabilities or offer units within mainstream schools. Why is it we fail to do the same for a child with mental health?

The education system needs to be reformed to include specialist units within mainstream schools or develop schools which are specialists in mental similar to what we have for severe special educational needs to students suffering from mental health were staff are trained in mental health and are best suited to deal with the challenges mental health has to offer.

Education establishments do not always have the provisions to deal with students suffering from mental health, so students are asked to leave their school or college/university degree due to the challenges with mental health. Once they hit college or university, they find it more difficult to access the support they need to help them achieve and fulfill their dreams and real potential. 

University can be the worst for students as they do not have the correct mental health support in place. Deadline Extensions do not always include mental health reasons, and may not be able to use the same reason more than once to claim an extension for repeat reasons.

The education system needs to make the relevant changes to help these children succeed as students.