Dear UK Government: Please Stop T-Series From Overtaking PewDiePie In Subscribers

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PewDiePie, the worlds biggest YouTuber (with over 72 million subscribers), is set to lose his title as most subscribed YouTube account as Indian music company T-Series have almost caught up with him. They may be using bots, I wouldn't know because I'm not a doctor, but it has taken the entirety of India to get even close to beating England's finest Swedish import.

This is an issue of national importance.

A faceless corporation is bullying YouTube's greatest 9-year-old, who incidentally is a Swedish minority in the U.K. This great nation cannot sit by and do nothing. Therefore I am asking you, Theresa May and the Houses Of Parliament, to prevent further bullying by stopping T-Series.

Seeing as India used to be a part of the British Empire, the government should be able to do something to stop this bullying of children. Also, it's not like the government have anything better to do right now anyway. No one even cares about Brexit anymore. It's boring and a dead meme.

PewDiePie, real name Felix (like the cat), is a great asset to our nation as he brings in lots of business by selling merchandise like t-shirts or bendy chairs. He also shows that DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH because he is going to marry an Italian woman (another minority!! and a female!!) in the U.K! At least, I think they are doing it in England. Probably. Be a lot of money for plane tickets back to Sweden, but I don't know because I haven't been invited yet. But I'm not bitter.

Theresa May, if you are to do one useful thing in your entire career, please help us and save PewDiePie. If you do, we may forgive you for all that bloody awful dancing you've been subjecting us to.

Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.