Critical Illness Cover- should mean Critical illness

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My name is Cat Lloyd I am a staff nurse. I thought I was well and fit until in February of this year I had a heart attack.

I was lucky that my daughter was with me when it happened, she took me to the local hospital, where I need to have treatment. 

I needed to have life long  medications as you can imagine, and make some life style changes. Whilst this was going on, I needed to think about  paying my bills.

I remembered I had some Critical Illness Cover, with a company called AIG, which covered problems such as mine. It was there to give me some financial help and would also allow me some time to mend.

I put in my claim  with all the  evidence they  requested March 2018 and four weeks later they said my claim had been "unsuccessful" because my Troponin levels were not high enough.

Troponin levels are when proteins are released by the heart in the blood to let you know you are having a heart attack. As you have heard the numerous documentaries and testimonies, it can be very painful and frightening to say the least.

What I wanted to know is if  any of you reading this was in my situation, would you want to be treated at the point of seeing a Doctor?, or would you wait until your troponin levels reach a " Satisfactory" level that  the insurer liked before you would accept treatment, knowing they would pay you? or would you just want to be helped?

I can answer that, the latter. I did not know this would happen to me, or what levels I would be treated at in the hospital. what I do know is if this had been explained to me before I had taken this policy, it may not have been for me.

It feels like AIG are trying to take my money from me, whilst I am still alive, and looking at clause and ways not to pay claims, when there is evidence to suggest otherwise.  

They do not take into account I cannot work the way I used to, my GP has told me

.I have had Stents fitted to keep my arteries from getting blocked, I have lots of medicines to take and tire easily. I am on a cardiac rehabilitation programme.

Critical Illness should mean critical Illness. Please sign to let the policy makers aware that this is affecting real lives,  especially when consumers are  taking precautions to safeguard themselves and their families financially.

It appears Insurers are ripping them off using any excuse that suits them, which in turn causes further anxiety. As long as there is sufficient evidence to prove a life changing event as happened that should be good enough for them  to make a claim successful. Help make change for the future. Thank you. 

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