Council tax in Northamptonshire increased to more than 5% - who can afford that?

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Northamptonshire council tax 19/20 has been increased by 5% or more than last year 18/19. This is because of the debt that this council is now in due to considerable overspending and incompetence within its councils. The UK government gave Northamptonshire council the power to increase at this rate, whilst seeing cuts to services & we the ‘working class’ are paying off the debts of the elite power spending councillors. Whilst MPs received a pay increase this year, many didn’t so are wondering how this is going to be paid. 

Amongst that this rate of more than 5% is above the rate of inflation and above the rate of wage increases. This for the normal working person with no additional help from benefits or rate reductions is simply not feasible. If my electricity, gas or car insurance renewed at this rate I would be shopping elsewhere, because this amount of increase is beyond acceptable. For many, including myself my wages take me to the end of each month! JUST with little or nothing to spare. I ask these councillors where do they expect me and many more like me to get the extra money for this increase? 

If you, like me are in a position not knowing how your going to pay this increase. Please support this campaign and let’s get our voices to the powerful. 

Change is coming..... 



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