Close Trump's military bases

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The UK is home to at least five US military and intelligence bases, which helps the US prosecute its wars and spy on the world's population.

These include: 

  • Lakenheath - A US Air Force base, in Suffolk
  • Menwith Hill - An NSA spy base, in Yorkshire
  • Welford - A US munitions storage site, in Berkshire

We believe these bases should close. 

There is a very real chance that the US President - Donald Trump - will start a major war.

Since his inauguration, he has destroyed two nuclear arms control agreements, directly and repeatedly threatened Iran, North Korea and elsewhere. 

We do not want the UK to be complicit in US wars. We do not want Trump using the UK as an aircraft carrier. 

We call on the UK government to close down all US bases on UK soil. 

Thank you.




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