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China: Retract the Ban on Muslim Baby Names

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China is breaching on it's citizen's religious freedom by not allowing them to fully practice their religion while making it harder for them to gain social help in the process for their children if they have a muslim name.

Names are important, and islamic names are sacred and to ban a parent from naming their child is taking away the parent's essence.

Everyone who follows the law and is a peaceful member of society should have access to social help.

In the providence of Xin Jiang in western china where there are 23 million muslims residing their and they are being told to that they can't name their child a Islamic/Muslim name due to issues with extremism but I believe this is reactionary and isolating the peaceful citizens is not helpful at all.

I understand that the fight against extremism is a long and difficult one but stepping on people's religious freedom is wrong.

I call upon the help of the UK government to challenge this gross injustice.

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