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The new CMS system is totally unfair!!! The system is financially and mentally ruining PAYING PARENTS life. Paying parents are finding it very difficult to support they family, childrens who lives with them.

Child maintenance should be worked out from the NET pay NOT from the GROSS pay, no one see or take the gross pay home, also receiving parents state benefits should be taken in to account. Working parents contribute towards the country by paying Tax and NI to keep these services running:

  • The NHS
  • Education
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Sickness and disability allowances
  • The state pension
  • Government

Most receiving parents are unemployed and no point for them to work if they living on TAX PAYERS money, free money, they get a minimum income of £1,500 per month from benefits and top of that they get housing benefit. Paying parents are getting penalized twice from TAX man and now from CMS.

Example: - paying parent on £25,000 per year GROSS, rougly takes home £19,000 per year NET.
Child maintenance works out your weekly pay from £25,000, this would be £480.00 per week gross but your actually taking home £389.00 net after paying your taxes.

We can all change this if we're willing too. Please sign this petition, spread the word to your friends and families.

Everyone should contribute towards they children's upbringing, should know how the money is getting spent on they children and have the rights to see them but the CMS system is not fair for the paying parents and they children and family living with them.

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