changing the way feminism is misunderstood

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Dear readers, 

I am choosing to make a petiton to inform and educate people on the subject of feminism. All over the world people of every ethnicity, race, age, gender, etc,  are being pushed away from feminism by lies and the reason for this is the misunderstanding of it. This causes people to “badmouth” feminism and push more people into thinking that the women who are feminists, want to overpower all men.

This is not only wrong because they want equality, but it isn't only women who are feminists. All genders can be feminists. All sexual preferences can still be feminists. We need our voices to be heard. No matter how we do it,starting with fliers or even making our way up to tv or peaceful protests. Somehow we need to stop this awful stereotype caused by “Feminazis” or uneducated individuals. Yes, understandably it is a hard route and it will be bumpy in places from disapproval but someone needs to stand and change the world town by town. And if it takes us into the next generations at least we will make a start for change!