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Change to the UK's broken Secondary Education System

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The UK education system is broken, students across the country face the notions of oppression sought against countless students. And harsh grade boundaries that not only put stress on students that already are placed in a system where being punished is a more often occurrence than being celebrated for your academic achievements, where students futures and dreams are all but dictated by not what they have learnt but remembered. Students with ever increasing rates of mental health problems, it's often easy to overlook the fact that the problem may just be the ever growing pressure placed on students. It's time students were treated as individuals, treated with respect and students who are not just seen as numbers on an international playing field. 

Changes we want to see:

  • A system where children from primary to sixth for are celebrated for what makes them different 
  • A system where students are given the right amount of help based on their unique learning traits
  • A system where teachers do not shout at children as frequently, and instead build personal relationships to build their trust
  • A system where students wellbeing is considered and mental health and stress are not ignored
  • A system where students learn more of what they want, to help build their social skills
  • A system where children are encouraged to succeed and are not punished for failing but are instead helped to make them more comfortable and improve their learning abilites
  • A system where students are treated as they would in real world environments and are not bombarded with heavy criticism
  • A system where teachers do not mistreat and oppress students for their political and social believes
  • A system where children of all ages are taught respect and discipline but through the means of social skills and not shouting suppression
  • A new student union for students in secondary (Y9 - Y10) and in Sixth Forms that cares for students across the country

These are the changes that we want to see, It's time students wellbeing was considered and not primarily educational values or test results. Its time for change

Yours Sincerely,

Students Matter

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