Change in whole of family courts Stop taking children- “future harm” = innocent parents

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Children are being removed from their parents care with NO evidence of abuse. Parents treated like criminals yet guilty of no crime. Separated from their children on allegation and fabrication alone. 

Not given a chance to put their side across. Have no defence. 

Not listened to or worked with. Baring In mind NO EVIDENCE OF ABUSE OF ANY KIND.

CAFCAS guardians have a conflict on interest as they are social workers themselves. Social workers have no in-depth training of psychology, child development or alienation. 

Neither cafcas or social services get to know a family ie parents WITH their child(ren)

However they remove child from parents illegally. Saying child returning in few days just to make it impossible for parents to get them back. 

Cases not listened to. Allegations not proven with EVIDENCE. Opinion and allegations ARE NOT EVIDENCE but slander. 

This has to stop and ANY child who has been removed from their parent because of “future harm” or similar wording or for pathetic reasons SHOULD BE RETURNED TO THEIR BIOLOGICAL PARENTS IMMEDIATELY irrespective of whether its SGO, ADOPTION OR FOSTERING. 

Parents should not have to pay costly legal fees or represent themselves in court. 

THE ONLY CHILDREN that SHOULD BE TAKEN are the ones that HAVE BEEN ABUSED or ARE being abused. 

Stop persecuting the innocent. It is not Salem meant to be Court of law. 

Act like it. 

Give us our justice.