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Carrying out a proven acid attack should carry a mandatory life sentence.

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Acid attacks are a vicious, premeditated and violent act.
Acid attacks are by their very nature, planned, premeditated crimes. No person finds themselves coincidentally in the possession of an acid or alkaline substance  capable of damaging human tissue, much less do they also find themselves hurling such a substance over another person by accident.

By this very nature, acid attacks should be deal with amongst the most heinous and  serious of violent acts.

Any person performing an acid attack is intentionally attempting to, at the very least, permanently disfigure their target. At worst, an attack can kill if the substance is inhaled or if treatment is delayed for some reason.

This crime should carry a mandatory life sentence if the perpetrator is found guilty. The premeditated nature of this crime and the potential lifelong suffering of the victim demands such a harsh sentence.
This crime can not be carried out without premeditation, callousness for human suffering, and a wilful disregard for the human rights of other human beings.

We petition the government to increase the minimum sentence for those people who have carried out proven acid attacks to life in prison. We feel that this is the only possibly deterrent, and the only possible punishment suitable for a crime of such a heinous nature.

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