Cannabis for epilepsy

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My 20 year old daughter suffers from epilepsy , she has intractable tonic clonic seizures which are life threatening , she is heavily medicated off licence with two of her meds and still she suffers , it’s not only the seizures it’s the debilitating side effects of her medication ! The anger the memory loss the tiredness the lack of understanding . Her epilepsy affects us all as a every day we live in fear of seeing her seize of what injuries she may have sustained , it’s the receiving that call from someone telling you she’s had another one !!! It’s my other children having to watch her Seizures , its me as her mum having to see my beautiful child suffer in this way , to live daily in fear of what if the next one takes her from me , medical canabis has the power to give my daughter her life back to give us some peace of mind , it would enable her to have a fuller life !! a life of a “normal” 20 year old young woman please ! I implore you on behalf of my daughter Alicia and for my family and every single person whose life is affected by this insidious condition !!! Do it now legalise canabis for medical use . Thankyou signed a distraught frightened tired mother of a child with epilepsy