Calling for a National World Wars Muslim Memorial in Britain

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Over 400 000 Muslim soldiers from undivided India (including present day Pakistan) participated in the First World War for Great Britain, in many areas of conflict around the world. My two Great Grandfathers were also involved in the Great War as part of the British Indian Army.

In the Second World War both of my Grandfathers served in Burma for the Allies. A total of 600 000 Muslims out of 2.5 million soldiers from undivided India took part in WW2.

These soldiers exhibited great bravery and sacrifices, with many thousands giving their lives.

My ambition is for these Muslim soldiers to be remembered and no longer remain 'forgotten'. 

This petition calls on the Government to actively support plans for a permanent national monument to the Muslim soldiers of both World Wars. This memorial will have positive benefits for integration and community cohesion in our nation, by highlighting our strong shared history.

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