Call upon the UK government to hold a second referendum on Brexit

Call upon the UK government to hold a second referendum on Brexit

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As the deadline to Brexit looms and the government has still not even attempted to take a clear position and it seems clear to me that nobody knows what they are doing with it:

Every week Theresa May puts out another public statement that "Brexit means Brexit", and that she is only "following the will of the British public", but all the while, her version of Brexit keeps changing. But Brexit doesn't change because of anything the public have asked for. It changes because of what politicians have asked for: Some want a harder Brexit, some want a softer Brexit, some are happy with a no deal, and some would rather we remain in the EU as we are now.

With all the instability and uncertainty surrounding Brexit - The stagnating wages, the loss of investment and trade, the status of expats, and the crumbling value of the pound...
Isn't it time we demanded a say?

With a second referendum, we can guarantee that the government is truly following the democratic will of the people. We know what we want, and if offered a referendum on what we truly wanted from Brexit, I know that the country would come together and do a much better job of it in 24 hours, than our government have done in 24 months.

So isn't it time we spoke up and made our voices heard?
Why should a few people try to assume what just over half the country wanted two years ago?
Why haven't we been invited to say which parts of our current deal are good, and which are a step backwards?
Why are our politicians trying to assume what is a bad deal for us, and insisting that no deal is better?

Why aren't we being given a second referendum?