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Buy British made to make our country strong

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Promote a 'Buy made in Britain' campaign.

Our Children and grandchildren deserve us to fight for them.

Whether you voted for BREXIT, or not, this is what we have now, lets make it work for Britain and stop trying to sabotage negotiations.

Theresa May has stayed firm and promoted Britain.

This has traditionally been the British way and we should all remember this, let us all be patriotic, individuals should stop trying to prove their own point of view was right, it only does harm.

Encourage the British people to buy the products made in Britain, helping jobs and the UK economy. We have after all a strong reason to expect Europe to be sensible as they have more to loose than we do. Wine, Cars, Aerospace, amongst other products, Europe would suffer if Brits stopped buying from Europe

Buy products from countries who want to trade with us.

Even foreign companies who stay in Britain should be rewarded with our loyalty and therefore they will protect our jobs if they stay.  

Everyone else does this for their own country (French, Americans, etc) and we Brits should boycott the companies who abandon the UK and reward those who stay.

If there was a strong 'buy made in Britain' campaign we could be strong again. If Europe wants to return to a 'common market' (which we joined originally ) they should be making the overtures to us. They kept moving the goal posts.

We should make the first move and gurantee european citizens already in Britain that they can stay, so long as the EU reciprocates.

And Junker should pay for bullying us, the British people won't stand for that (proved by the result of the referendum which had 20% undecided until he threatened us the day before the vote !) He certainly isn't a diplomat !

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