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British Technical Jobs being Outsourced Outside UK

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A lot of Technical jobs already been outsourced outside Uk to India and other countries. Businesses have incentive in doing so as they save money in Tax and labour by doing so. Its the responsibility of the Government to think about the people who are being impacted with this offshoaring and are loosing there jobs. Its not only causing the  people with high education levels a lot of stress as they have no work to do as a result of this offshore but also causing the future professionals to learn some thing which is other than technical education. Soon there will be no jobs for the new grads available. 

Government can help businesses by providing a tax incentive for companies that near-shore their outsourced services rather than sending money and jobs abroad.

Government should move immediately and should put a quota for the businesses out sourcing the jobs to limit their outsourcing by applying a limit to outsource. Government should intervene and give a quota (not more than 25%) for the outsource. Government should introduce "An Outsourcing Tax" on such companies that outsource to other countries. These companies should declare periodically how much is been outsourced each year. This will help Government earning the revenue back which can help people too. Uk people are not only been penalized by European Union but also India, Mexico and China. Places such as Bangalore, Chennai, Sofia and Cairo, that are not part of the union should not be allowed to tender or quote for outsourced UK jobs or any revenue from the outsourced of UK jobs. There is no control by UK government to help retain professionals and jobs in UK at the moment and companies are expanding their profits year on year by putting more and more jobs out of Uk. There should be a UK published list of all companies that outsource their services to other countries, for example Banks, Insurance Companies, Internet companies and telecoms companies, so that UK residents can check the list and has an option to use only companies that "Keep British jobs for British workers.

If UK businesses can reduce costs to stay in business, whilst keeping jobs here then the government should provide a tax incentive for those companies that near-shore their outsourced services rather than sending money and jobs abroad.


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