British Royal Commission into Child Murder and Child Abuse in the UK state councils.

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A/   Introduction.      

B/ 1. Royal Commission Demand Notice:

C/ 2. Evidence & factors. 

For many decades there has been a number of cases of child abuse and child murder in local authority councils in the United Kingdom. There is currently new investigations taking place from the Highlands of Scotland and also linking to London and Wales and overseas those investigations although, to late in timing each local council is subject to investigation and those local councils have kept private for many decades on the evidence now before the public.

Since the law reforms of Parish Councils in the United Kingdom the UK government will state that new laws are in place in order to (protect the children) and there is no abuse in care and that those millions of victims across the UK are making stories up and telling lies and in years gone by many people wrote to HRM and the government regarding those factors and findings. 

The councils across the whole of the United Kingdom have not mentioned or logged any care deaths a register of deaths of children has not been kept and accordingly abuse in care meaning foster homes and or children's homes have been kept private for many years. 

The public want to know.

1/ Why was this kept private and who is responsible as the head of State on the sole legal charge of control on the children of the State. 

2/ The public seek to find out why the Head of State and or British Government claims that law works in order to protect children at risk when since 1849 those laws appear to protect those working in social Work and Social Services. Those very laws enforced by the Head of State claim that those laws work when in fact they indeed do so in order to protect those suspected of child abuse and child murders in children's homes and also in foster homes. 

The Royal Commission is asked to establish.

A full investigation into Deaths of Children in care and the deaths of family members linked to those services covering from the period of the Parish Kirks  to current period.  Also establish the truth surrounding the legal duties of HRM and also the British Government enfoldment of those cases since and after the period of the second world war and it's enfoldment in ethnic or social engineering of children who were in care of the early welfare state, such as British gypsy families who were taken into care of the Church of Scotland.  

Why did the UK government and its councils cover up those matters for such a long period and who is going to be held fully accountable as Head of State and shall the Head of State be charged and taken before the law courts.? 


Introduction Draft No 2:  To the Royal Commission Demand Notice:

1/ There needs to be a memorial for children who died in care. 

2/ We seek to establish why no post - mortems were carried out on children who died in care and a true account must be forthcoming on the numbers to account on children that died in care. 

3/ To name each local council that fails in its duty of care and withdraw legal obligations in child welfare and management of affairs under the children's act 1989.

Each council must be removed of its children's services since evidence has been proven that the council's have been active in covering up child abuse for many decades and those council members are not charged with child abuse offences by the Police. 

Not one person is above the law the public want to gain far better understanding on the merits of law and why Police have not arrested senior social services directors current and retired staff for their enfoldment in crimes committed on so many children in care. 

Senior Directors of social work services are not above the law the Police have a duty to protect children therefore why has no arrests been pursued to question former Chief of Staff at all HQS. They were active and they were enfold in many cover ups fact. 

Amendment to this draft on the demand notice date Wednesday the 12th Day of April 2017. 

The Royal Commission is asked to investigate the amendment to the Scotland Act 1973 on the following facts of evidence before me.

1/ Susan O'Brien, QC and member of the Bar was appointed to chair a full public inquiry into abuse of children in children's homes and in foster homes throughout Scotland. 

It was fully agreed at the time the Scottish Government would help victims of widescale abuse in care that new legislation would be considered in or on the 16th day of November 2016 to investigate claims of child abuse, dating back to 1964 thus in practice any death of a child in care and or cases of abuse of children in children's homes and in foster homes would not be investigated before the 1964 period. And new directions and proposed changes in Scotland to old legislation would come into place so to remove the time bar in order for child abuse victims to appoint their solicitors and barristers to proceed in new law to hear their cases in the High Sheriffdom in Scotland. In order to proceed with such high numbers of claims being made by millions of child abuse victims no agreement by the Justice department at the Scottish Government has been pursued and law has not been changed. I question as to why the law was made by the government in 1973 in this regard. The Royal Commision is asked to investigate if the law has in itself covered up child murders and child abuse in foster homes and also in children's home. 

I want to know why this law in 1973 was put in place and I shall be demanding a full investigation on why it has in fact taken the Scottish Government so long in scraping the time bar they have not secured any trust by the victims by prolonging child abuse sufferings furthermore they indeed are aware many victims are dead. 

Childs death in care before 1963 when in cases of murder has been proven by victims families should at all times be investigated.

The public on demand ask why did the Scottish Government and its councils cover up child murders and or child death in foster care and in children's homes before 1963 and after. I shall pin point evidence has been secured in reflection to my late sister (ALEXINA) who was murdered in care those facts were disclosed in every legal corner of scottish law with support from retired officers of the law who worked with me during the 1983 to 2007 period when in fact evidence was secured on the merits of historical statements taken from the 1960 period if murder is questionable in the eyes of law officers and those working in undercover operations in abuse of children in state children's homes then why were we degraded from learning  the truth into such affairs while senior social workers refused to disclose social work files of those who died in their care, they did the same likewise to cover up abuse in foster care in order to save insurance claims from being pursued by the victims and also their families.

A change in laws are needed when there is evidence of cover ups by those councils who are still operating child welfare services this is indeed a real concern and worry to the public.  


This amendment to the demand is entered into proceedings by Peter Stewart Kelbie on Wednesday the 12th day of April 2017. 




Petition Maker. 

Peter Stewart Kelbie