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Sick of your children bringing head lice back from school? Sick of constant treatment for head lice and BT's constant trips to chemist paying extreme amounts of money to treat your kids every other month, or tired of lazy parents who choose not to Treat this condition? head lice treatment for children's hair has long term side effects for your children as they get older. lice feed on human blood. They bite into the skin on the scalp and extract blood. These tiny little bites can become irritated and cause the host to scratch. Excessive scratching leads to broken skin that can bleed and become infected. It's Long- term lice infestations can become dangerous to the host since the lice are removing blood from the human body. Remember lice multiply quickly and can grow at an alarming rate. If you have more than 100 lice drinking blood for a long period of time it can cause anemia and loss of energy. 

bring back the nit nurse to all schools then parents have no choice but to do something rather than neglecting there children.

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