Bring back Capital punishment for terrorists in the UK!

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After the horrific 2017 Manchester suicide bombing during which twenty-three adults and children were killed, and 116 were injured, some critically, it is clear that the UK is in desperate need for change. This was the second attack on the UK in the space of two months.

Many of the victims were teenage girls which were massacred and mutilated. We are told by the media and our politicians after every terrorist attack that we should "carry on exactly as before" as some sort of act of defiance, yet how are the parents of dead children supposed to carry on exactly as before? 

It is time for change. Anyone involved in a terrorist attack deserves to be executed as they pose a risk to our national security and innocent civilians, which the government has failed to protect during these terrorist atrocities. Sign this petition to give your children and loved ones a safer and brighter future and to strike fear into the hearts of anyone involved in terrorism in the UK.