Brexit: We did not vote for this soft Brexit

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We the undersigned, do not want to bow down to or be governed by the EU in any way and refuse to recognise the European Courts in any way after Brexit!  We  do not want to continue to see you bending over backwards for the EU by giving in to their demands for money to start negotiations which could still fail! and cost us billions more.  You make us look weak! You are allowing them to punish the UK by putting us in an awful financial situation and still dictating over us, our fishing waters and our borders.  This is NOT what we voted leave for. These unelected EU officials do NOT want to negotiate and they will take us for everything they can for as long as they can.  We do not owe them a penny, let alone the billions you are offering them and their resorting bribery is disgraceful!!!!   Which part of the "no negotiations" do you not understand.  They dont want to negotiate so lets leave and give them nothing.  Let them come to us.   The EU needs our money and they should be made to negotiate properly and fairly before any money is given or we will look weak to the world!  

What we want is for you to walk away as you cannot negotiate with people that don't want to negotiate.   These are extremely unprofessional greedy unelected officials that think themselves above entire countries.   Please free us, the UK, from these monsters!  We want a real Brexit, real negotiations not based on blackmail and no upfront money.. not a penny!   And not to people who are behaving like spoilt brats!  We do not want this soft brexit!  Please  walk away May!  Don't fail us!

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