Brexit or No Brexit - No 2nd Vote

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The country decided to leave the European union. They made a choice freely and aspect of a potential second referendum needs to be stopped.

Forget the Big Red Bus, Forget the figures being thrown all around, Forget the immigration, net migration and everything else that the press has been shoving in front of our noses.

When I made my decision, it was very simple: - More of the same, or time for change? its as easy as that, everything else is cosmetic detail.

10 Years ago there was a global financial problem, all caused by the big fat cat shareholders getting greedy and allowing decisions to be made which did not have the correct ‘Risk .v. Reward’ analysis carried out. 10 years on and the same problem that caused the financial problems in 2008 are causing the same (but bigger) problems 10 years on and based on the last 10 years the situation will only get worse because there is no global appetite to control the situation.

No one can tell us what life after Brexit will be like – No one can read the future! What we do know is that more and more of the UK is owned and controlled by companies outside the UK, which don’t care where employees are in the world so long as they are cheap, and profit is good. Every job that is offshored from the UK means another unemployed person unless the same amount of new jobs is created.

To most of the UK we don’t understand or care about all the facts, don’t insult peoples intelligence – Most of us already knew which way we would vote when the announcement was made. We know that irrespective of Brexit we can still buy our goods online and they will arrive. We need this country to own this country, to manage and take control of this country, and not just look at this years ‘profit & loss’ but make decisions that help us through the short-term period and fix this country for the future.

This petition is very simple – The country decided its path; The UK government needs to enshrine in UK law that there will be no second Brexit. Let’s respect the decision and ensure that the ministers (Who are there to represent the country) comply. So Please sign this petition so we can get enough signatures to hold the government to account and ensure that Brexit means Brexit.

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