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Boycott Keepmoat and the NHBC until Hot Water, C/Heating and new-home defects are resolved

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Many families in The Parks, a flagship area of Liverpool have been left in limbo, in defective properties, by the developer Keepmoat Homes and warranty provider, the NHBC.

Defects include roof leaks, broken main Front Doors, no heating, no hot water, droughts, sloppy ceilings with bellies, bendy walls, broken solar system, creaking floors, rubble as topsoil, rusting window frames, loose & dangerously installed copings, internal moisture damage, low water pressure problems, recirculating fumes due to lack of extractors, defective electrics, collapsing garden boundary walls, other costly pending repairs, consequently health issues and financial loss.

Despite Keepmoat being contacted from the very beginning about defects, they consistently reflected blame on affected residents, some of whom, including pensioners and homeowners, have been left with no choice but to perform costly repairs out of their own pockets and insurance.

Upon moving into their newly built homes, residents discovered that their front gardens were cut-back to about a third of the original size, making on-property parking impossible.

Not a single The Rose property was spared by the cutback – an absolute scandal!

In-built garages are too narrow for parking cars, so residents are being issued with council Parking Penalties – another unfair Tax!

Despite a local petition signed by 116 residents, the local Councillor and City Council officials promised independent property surveys which were never followed up.

The local MP, Liverpool City Mayor, Assistant Director Regeneration, Project Manager Regeneration, and the Deputy Mayor, have all stopped responding.

It would appear as if the Mayor even edited his website, claiming that he has met his priorities and promising his own "innovative housing company."

In 2015, the then Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government also ignored concerns.

The NHBC refused to pay out the amount they promised to one family and claimed that they would not be responsible if anything goes wrong with the repairs.

The Financial Ombudsman proved useless by covering-up for the warranty provider, NHBC.

Affected residents are horrified and more resolute than ever before!

Please sign this petition to call for:

1. Keepmoat & NHBC to 
(a) swiftly resolve issues with all affected residents, including those to whom they have previously unfairly refused repairs by reimbursing repair costs incurred.
(b) issue decent compensation that is commensurate with the suffering, distress experienced and financial loss caused.
2. Keepmoat Homes, Liverpool City Council, Your Housing and NHBC to agree to
(a) restore front gardens to their original sizes on affected properties in the Parks, in order to allow on-property parking.
(b) replace rubble from all affected back and front gardens with decent topsoil.
(c) fix water pressure problems in the Regeneration area.
(d) recall affected main front doors ASAP.
3. LCC to refund the unfair Parking tickets that have already been paid for by affected residents.
4. A CHANGE in the Law "Caveat Emptor" which the local MP said, "the law is not on your side," despite being First-Time-Home-Buyers in new-build properties.
5. The Ombudsman Services to be funded directly through the Government, not directly by private businesses, as is currently the case causing conflict of interest.
6. Government to enshrine into law that urgent repairs be carried out in 24-48hrs and other repairs within 7 days, ban refusal of repairs, and make it illegal to refuse repairs for new-built homes, disregard of whether rented or bought.
7. Boycott of Keepmoat Homes, Your Housing Group and the NHBC until they have resolved new-build home issues.
8. All new-built home warranties to be increased from 10 years to 25 years or the life of the mortgage.


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