Boris Johnson to apologise for Burka remarks & be removed for causing offense to Muslims

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Pound Shop Donald Trump, Boris Johnson has gone too far this time!

His recent remarks regarding Muslim women wearing burkas look like Bank robbers and letterboxes has caused huge offense to Muslims and non Muslims all over the world.  

His words are pandering to the far-right narrative that Muslims do not belong in this country.

Mr Johnson has refused to back down, with his friends claiming it is “ridiculous” to criticise his comments and accusing party chiefs of “shutting down the debate”. This is absolutely ridiculous he has clearly caused offense and people are genuinely hurt and upset. The prime minister Theresa May has urged him to apologise which is the right thing to do. He should apologise and be removed from the party. He can’t be allowed to keep getting away with his derogatory remarks and irresponsible behavior. In my view he is not fit to be a member of parliament and should be removed. As one MP put it best. He is just a Pound shop Donald Trump wannabe.