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Better understanding of epilepsy

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Hi I’m dan, I’m 43 and was diagnosed with epilepsy a year ago.  My understanding of epilepsy until then was limited and I just thought that people with this condition could sometimes fall to the floor and have a seizure without warning at any time.  How wrong I was.  

I know understand that you don’t have to be unconscious and shacking uncontrollably to have epilepsy.  Epilepsy and seizure activity can manifest in many different ways but still leave you conscious and people around you may be completely unaware that anything is happening to you.   Some of the symptoms like confusion, numbness down one side , slurred speech , phantom taste and smells, head ache , nausea , hot / cold sweats and muscle tremors can go unnoticed or be mistaken for something else.   Suffers can act like they are sleep walking or drunk at times and can be treated by others according to how they are perceived at the time , no one ever thinks oh they look like they are having seizure activity , it’s more like stay away they look drunk or they have taken drugs or something. 

People need to be made more aware of this condition and it’s implications and impact it has on the lives of the people it effects.  People don’t realise that there are restrictions put in place when you have an epilepsy diagnosis , like a driving ban ,  implications of having a bath , cooking a simple meal , going out alone , swimming and all sorts of other daily activities. 

People don’t realise that epilepsy can kill, seizures can be fatal and there are so many simple triggers that can set off a seizure like , lack of sleep , diet, stress , exercise , other illness , and other medications.  People don’t often realise that epilepsy medications also have a varying amount of side effects that can lead to poor appetite or over eating, tiredness or insomnia,  anxiety or becoming irrational or adgitated and even quite aggressive at times. 

Peoples perception of this condition needs to change!!!  We see loads of adverts on tv and in magazines about cancer , strokes , diabetes,  altzimers, heartburn , constipation, and various other health conditions that are also very dibilitating to the sufferers and their family’s but there is never any awareness of epilepsy in magazines or in adverts on tv.  

People with epilepsy are even more prone to be turned down for the personal independence payment in England than other forms of disibility claimed for due to the fact that sufferers with epilepsy can have good days and bad days .  This should not be the case and the people carrying out the assessments should be made more aware of all of the implications to this illness.

Please sign this petition to help give people all around the world a better understanding of this condition .  Thankyou for your help. 

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