Better opportunities for students in professional jobs post-education in the U.K

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In an increasingly overpopulated and globalizing nation, much of the opportunities to go in to more professional careers are only being distributed to those with an amount of experience un-attainable by those that have gone to university or college and are looking for sufficient capital. Combined with other problems like the lack of housing, many younger students now feel that university was something that has been pressured on them since a very early age, and has provided little to contribute to their overall standard of living, being thrust back into relying on relatives and interest high loans to live anything close to a decent lifestyle. Post-university students with no experience in certain fields remain unemployed long after university in many cases, with figures showing that at least 40% of students with good grades in their field have little to no chance of being employed within that field unless they take on schemes that do not provide either the finance or contentment thag creates motivation to succeed.