Benefits for Brooke who has kidney failure

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My daughter is Brooke Johnson and she has kidney failure. She is 19 years old. Brooke has suffered ill health from the age of 13, diagnosed with Hypertension at 15 and was put on medication to try and control her Hypertension to no avail. They could not find any reason for her Hypertension, but it caused her to have serious migraines, very poorly for weeks on end, constantly feeling sick. Somehow, despite feeling so poorly, she managed to achieve 9 GCSE'S. Brooke loves nothing more then to study, and she is massively into Science, we are very proud of the grades that she achieved because it meant that she could go onto do her A levels, then onto university, her ambition was to be a forensic pathologist. She got into our local college to take her A levels, but because of her poor health, she had no choice but to drop out after just 6 short weeks. This made her really depressed, and she was hoping with all the different medications they were trying her on for her Hypertension that she would be well enough to sit them again the following year. Not much changed in that year as far as her health went, but she desperately still wanted to study, she tried again to sit her a levels in a different college, this time managing just 4 months. Brooke was very low in herself, felt like a failure, and decided to try and find some part time work, but sadly this only lasted 6 months, again because of her constant migraines and feeling sick. Brooke decided that maybe it would be better if she did open university from home, without the pressure of her teachers if she was sick, and catching up when she felt better, something she was really excited about, the course she had chosen was health science and was due to start October 2017. Brooke had a routine blood test in April 2017, and received a phone call from her doctor telling her that her kidneys were not functioning properly, and to go to the A&E department immediately. Brooke was admitted to stay in the PAH Harlow, and from there she was transferred to the Lister hospital, Stevenage. They did a biopsy of the kidney, she has an autoimmune disease that has attacked her kidneys, in short, she has kidney failure, soon to start dialysis and have a kidney transplant. Brooke had to cancel her study again once more. Brooke now has no option to try and claim some sickness benefits, she is on many prescription drugs,with more being added regulary, and has to travel weekly to and from the hospital which is a 45 minute drive each way. The car park at the hospital sometimes is £8.50 a time, this is before her diaysis starts which will then be 3 or 4 times weekly, and She is being transplanted in London, at the Hammersmith hospital, and will be travelling to and from London 3 times a week after her transplant. Brooke got turned down for sickness benefits, despite the life saving medications and constant hospital visits, Because Brookes boyfriend lodges with us, even though he is on a low wage, they expect him to cover all of her expenses, and they are saying she is entitled to no money in her own right, they said because she has not paid anything into the system, through no fault of her own. I tried to argue with them, then they wanted to know how much is coming into our household. Brooke is very sick, she has a very long hard road ahead of her, and she should not be worrying about money for her medications and travel, we obviously help where we can, but are not in a rich position to get everything she needs. I am disgusted that somebody that is so sick is entitled to nothing in her own right, and i am asking people to sign this petition for Brooke and people like her who are in similar circumstances

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