Bang the Desk. More Mental Health Support in Education. Now.

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Bang The Desk. Change the curriculum

Stress is not a sustainable way of living

Bang the Desk is a grassroots campaign designed to change the curriculum and drastically reform the way we educate our young people.

There is far too much pressure on our children and young people to be at the top of their game before they have even had time to learn the rules. 

My name is Emily. I’m 27-years-old and almost everyone I know suffers from anxiety and stress. I have sat with a large number of friends who have cried and cried because they don’t know what to do with their lives, because they were too pressured at 16 to make life altering subject choices, too stressed at 18 to do well at university and now feel they have made a mistake and don't belong.

I myself suffered a breakdown at 18, and recently a really severe breakdown, culminating in a failed suicide attempt. I developed a serious stammer, I took sedatives to get through the day, I dropped out of my Master’s Degree and just collapsed into my duvet and never wanted to come back out. In short, I completely burnt out at 27. Each of these moments in my life were due to a number of factors, but the overriding issue was the suffocating pressure to succeed. 

The pressure has got to stop, stress is one of the single biggest threats we face today and we need to do something about it now. 

Bang the Desk is petitioning the government to make the following changes to the UK education system:

​1. Remove formal testing for anyone under the age of 18. Informal, stress free assessments in class are a more than satisfactory method for establishing how well a student is performing. 

​2. Increase funding for the arts. 

3. Introduce an hour of wellbeing into the curriculum twice a week.​

4. Start and end every school day with 10 minutes of mindfulness.

5. Greater mental health support across all educational institutions. Including mandatory counselling sessions for every student once a month.

6. Better wages and support for teachers.

​We are talking about the mental health of our future generation and we need to take these small steps to ensuring no more young people feel pushed to breaking point and that no more young people commit suicide as a result of stress.

​Bang The Desk. Change The Curriculum. 

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