Ban people from giving blood unless they are screened for HIV on the day

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I have just read new nhs guidelines proposed and put in to place by a homosexual charity stonewall uk, that has no place dictating to the nhs on behalf of the british public but they are now allowing gay and bisexual men to give blood, when by statistics homosexuals have the highest rate cases of hiv and aids infections in the u.k. So how this idea is intelligent or safe is beyond the average brit! This will lead to many worried members of the british public, now instead of worrying about having an accident we now have to worry if the nhs will give us aids with a blood transfusion. This law has been in place forever for a reason, public safety, its not a homopobic law its a law for public safety and aids prevention. We the british public demand the rules are changed back to post november 2017 rules as we did not vote or agree to this, this decision should be put to public vote or repealed as it is an outrage to potentially poison naive individuals. Please sign and share as much as you can, this is seriously a problem and if you can’t see that I don’t know what planet you’re living on