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Ban on Sale of Energy Drinks to Under 16's

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I would like to see change in the Laws of sales of energy drinks to Under 16's in the UK. Energy drinks have major health effects including Heart attacks if consumed on a large scale as the large amounts of caffeine causes the heart to pump so fast that it shuts down. From doing research I have found that the biggest buyer of Energy drinks in the UK is Under 16's with Males buying more than females! With the recent decision by Supermarkets ASDA and ALDI to enforce a age restriction on the sale of Energy drinks starting March this year I feel that other Supermarkets should do the same! However the problem will still not be completely solved as Young people will still buy Energy Drinks from corner shops and small businesses. I therefore feel that a law to sell to Under 16's would combat this problem very well! Energy drinks should not be consumed by anyone especially not people under 16! LETS MAKE SOME CHANGE!

With enough signatures I would like to present this petition to The Secretary for Health and hopefully we can together make young peoples health better!

I thank everyone for looking at this petition and hope that everyone that has looked can sign it so we can put this forward and make young peoples health better!

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