Ban on knives and tougher laws/sentences on knife crime in the UK!!

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Knife crime is seriously on the rise in the UK.. particularly in the south east. 

There have been a terrifying number of knife crimes resulting in serious injuries and even worse death. 

These crimes are being committed by not only adults but young children. 

Reading statistics knife crime in England and Wales is at its highest since 2011 

“There were 37,443 offences in the 12 months ending in September 2017, a 21% increase on the previous year and the highest number since 2011.”

Everyone who lives in our local area of the Southend Borough is becoming increasingly concerned and are fearing for their own & their children’s safety. 

A young 19 year old boy was stabbed to death recently and yet another local stabbing today in broad daylight, and another in broad day light a few weeks back down my road!! These were both carried out around times children would be heading home from school. 

There needs to be more awareness made in schools about the seriousness of knife crime and the consequences. 

The law needs to be changed so knives are banned in the UK and tougher sentences regardless if a minor or an adult need to be put into place to prevent further people being harmed or killed.

i also feel metal detectors in schools, colleges, train stations and other areas should be put in place 

Police cut backs in the area need to also be looked at and more police presence is required to crack down on knife crime. 

I am a mother myself and it is scary to think that the children of today are being bought up in a world where knife crime is becoming a DAILY occurance.

Please please please sign this petition and let’s stand together to make a change and get our country back to being a safe one for us and our children.