Ban oil refineries from exploiting customers by increasing their prices in cold weather

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It should be illegal for oil refineries to double the price of oil to customers just because the weather is cold. How can they justify this. On the chart it can be as low as 26ppl per litre one day then the next jump to 56ppl. To a family on limited income that simply not viable. In real terms it shouldn’t cost more than £180 for 500ltrs, but in the bad weather they charge £365! For the same product.  All because people are in need of oil so they don’t freeze in the cold weather. It’s not fair, and should be taken to the monopolies commission. People don’t earn anymore wages just because it’s colder weather. It’s shameful and needs to change! The providing companies sell at the prices from the refineries, so the refineries need to be banned from increasing the prices of the oil they have stock piled. The weather should not affect what the public pay, it’s pure exploitation!