Ban Jamie Oliver having influence over our food markets!

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Jamie Oliver is a house hold name. Renowned for being that chunky naked chef who cooks with full fat butter and doesn’t skimp when it comes to olive oil and cheese. Yet criticises and generalises ALL our children as being obese. (Measured by BMI, ridiculous!) 

Does this give him the right to decide what we see on our supermarket shelves? What our children eat at school? What we, as adults, eats at home? Simple answer, no. 

This a man who ‘wants to help our community’ so badly he will happily allow our elderly and sick eat microwaved food (without a choice in the matter) served in inches of water, whilst In hospital, because he thinks banning cartoon characters off of cereal packets is more important than actually making a change to those who need it. 

Why not use your power of influence for good, to reduce the price of fresh fruit and vegetables, to reduce the price of healthy food agreeing that hiking the price of unhealthy food (food which many are forced to eat based on their income), to make it less accessible. 

Jamie Oliver should have no say on what we eat, what we buy, or even how we cook it. He’s a chef, that’s all. 

Plus, the bastard banned turkey twizzlers. Need I say more??