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Authorise the concealed carry of pistols in public areas for the purpose of self-defence.

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Every single person across the U.K has witnessed the horrific acts of terrorism which have tormented our nation over the past weeks and months. These cowardly acts, which cause irreparable grief and suffering to the victims, their family, & their friends, are being unleashed on one of the only countries on this planet where the nation has been left defenceless.

    In an attempt to keep the general public safe, our government has disarmed each and every one of us. Your life is now very literally in the hands of the security services.

It has been so deeply engraved into British society that the general public is incapable of carrying firearms for self defence, that this is now just considered common knowledge. However, the study-backed reality which many find hard to comprehend is that crime statistics go down in areas of high firearm ownership.  

If you think it is disgustingly wrong that your only means of protection is from an ever-decreasing in size police force, then continue reading, and if your agree... sign this petition!


As supporters of this petition, with the strongest solemnity, we call on the government to make the concealed carry of pistols in public places for the purpose of self defence lawful.

This will require;

-The repeal of the Firearms (Amendment) No. 2 Act 1997. (Handgun ban).

-New legislation to legalise the concealed carry of pistols for the purpose of self defence.

-Legislation which legalises the use of deadly fore by firearm when a persons life and/or property  is in danger.


We believe it is in the public's best interests of safety to require;

-Concealed firearms carry to only be available to FAC (Firearms certificate) holders.

-Carriers of concealed firearms to undergo a *ONE DAY* & *INEXPENSIVE* compulsory basic training course in concealed pistol carry. 


Remember... when seconds count, the police are minuets away.


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