Arrest Theresa May for 'false advertising'

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There are petitions out there to stop the Conservative / DUP govt. and others edging May to resign, here is another tangent to put pressure on May.

Allow me to demonstrate why May resigning appeals to the left wing and the right wing alike.

20th May:

'If I lose just six seats I will lose this election, and Jeremy Corbyn will be sitting down to negotiate with the presidents, prime ministers and chancellors of Europe...' - Theresa May

May's campaign for the conservative party and their manifesto is a clear case of misleading information and false advertising, her manifesto, the product: sold to millions of British consumers.

May lost thirteen (13) seats in the election after her gamble election backfires.  She has angered the British Public and many of her own party members who have lost the seat they worked hard for because of her stupidity.  The conservative party's motto: 'In the National Interest'; the British nation clearly do not want to see a deteriorating conservative party affiliated with the DUP party.  Again, her arrogance suffices, this is not in the national interest. This is in her own interests.  She lost 13 seats and is too arrogant to swallow her pride and step down giving a surging Corbyn PM status as she implied. 

This was clearly scare mongering tactics to promote her own party's manifesto in the hopes you would buy it and she would not lose seats.  If May would have won a majority we never would of known.  It is obvious now that it was just ANOTHER blatant lie. Shoutout to Captain Ska to add another verse to 'Liar, Liar'

  • Technically May has violated terms according to the website.
  • This govt. is not in the national interest.
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In conclusion: May is tainting her reputation and the conservative party's reputation by the hour! This is in the interest of the LEFT WING and the RIGHT WING. 

Theresa May: JUST RESIGN.