Apprentice Wage should rise to minimum wage of age.

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How are people supposed to pay for car insurance, pay for their mobile phones, pay to go to the gym, pay board at home living off £3.50 an hour.


For example, If the wage was raised to my minimum wage of £5.60 an hour, that means i would earn £828.80 a month. Now that is a massive improvement from my current £445.20. People would be able to do more with their money at an early age, pay their single parents at home more money for board which would help for food, drink, electric, gas and homewear. I could pay for all my bills and still have money spare so that i am not struggling monthly. No one knows how it feels to have to work more than one job to try earn more money to help your family at home.

The community around me will be able to offer more apprenticeships in my area because a lot more people would be interested in earning more money which can help put deposits down on cars, university and a house to live in on your own.


This petition would be the perfect start to my career and i am sure it will start someone elses career in something they would love to do.