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Apology &compensation from Israel for the Atlantic slave trade

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I am an activist and researcher for human rights and I have just read a few books by prominent Jewish authors that glamourise their role in the Atlantic slave trade, even going as far to say that whenever there was a Jewish holiday all the slave markets were  to be closed. Now I know the Jewish people more than anyone else must understand the horrors of slavery and evil regimes, so I with the support of all those reading intend to take this matter to the top as it's 2017 and this problem still hasn't been rectified.

All I ask for is a public apology from Benjamin Netanyahu for the large Jewish role in the Atlantic slave trade and also for reparations for the families who can prove there ancestors were connected to the Jewish Atlantic slave trade. I have 2 books to cite for further research for those that aren't yet educated in this matter; the first book is Jews and Judaism in the United States a documentary history by the prominent Jewish author Marc lee Raphael and secondly, a history of Jews from Babylonian exile to the end of world war 2, by another prominent author Solomon grayzel.

I believe the struggle of the black people during slavery was no different from the holocaust as black people and Jewish people are both equal human beings that both deserve the same protections as oppressed minorities 


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