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Any new referendum on Scottish Independence must have a 2/3 majority clause.

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Given the gravity, complexity and importance of the issue, this petition proposes that in any future referendum on Scottish independence a vote to leave must win by a 2/3 majority to be binding.

As we have seen with the Brexit vote a narrow majority win has left the country deeply divided.

As the side campaigning to radically alter the status quo it is the belief of this petition that the burden falls on the side campaigning to remove Scotland from the U.K to put forward a case that convinces more than just a simple majority of people living in the country, an outcome that as we have seen with Brexit leads to more uncertainty, division and animosity.

As a government continually citing "democratic mandates" and the "will of the electorate" this petition believes that the SNP should also support this proposal since a 2/3 majority would leave no doubt that this issue can or should be raised for at least a generation.

Scotland is now poised for a 3rd referendum - on an extremely complex and divisive issue - in the space of 4 years. This a trend that simply cannot be allowed to continue for the sake of business certainty, political stability and national emotional well-being.

A 2/3 majority clause will put to bed any doubt on either side and allow the country to move on for the better once and for all.

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