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Anti terrorism training courses for the public.

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After recent events in Manchester and London and respectful of the swift and decisive response of all the emergency services involved. What I have come to realise is that we the public in general have no idea what to do or what not to do in a terrorist attack. I believe that this is putting all our safety at risk the emergency services do a fantastic job as do the armed forces and they all have my complete and utter respect. The problem is that the emergency services and armed forces are stretched very thinly and can't be everywhere all the time. In the event of a terrorist attack and amid the sheer chaos and panic of such a thing it is easy for us the public to panic and possibly do the wrong thing putting our lives at risk we need some basic awareness of what to and what not to do in a terrorist attack. We need to know what to look out for before hand this may actually lead to attacks being prevented or disrupted. We need to know how to behave if we come under fire or are near an explosion we need basic training on how to potentially stop or at least defend ourselves or someone else from an aggressor. We also need to know how to direct people to safety and what the best areas for temporary refuge from an attack are. I propose a government funded training scheme lead by the police or armed forces to give us the general public at least a fighting chance should such a terrible event occur. It could be ran in community or leisure centres and would bring all walks of life from local communities together with a common goal of being prepared for the worst. It may also create new opportunities to train us the public in first aid and get them more involved with local police. We are british and these attacks are attacks on our way of life, I can see all kinds of people coming together to hopefully learn some basic skills and potentially save more lives in the event of another attack. 

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