Andrew Griffiths Out, Voted To Take 1.1 Million Free Meals From Our Children

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Our MP Andrew Griffiths voted in the Houses of Parliament with 311 other Tory and DUP members. Tories and their DUP allies voted through sweeping cuts to free school meals. These votes will affect 1.1 million children. Currently all families on Universal Credit can claim free school meals - a transitional measure to help people move to the six-in-one benefit. Our MP has now voted for all the deepest cuts to the NHS, Social Care, Welfare. The Burton & Uttoxeter constitutions feel this is now a step to far. Andrew Griffiths does not hold our best interests at heart, and is damaging our community with his Tory whip votes, enough is enough. 

What we want to happen!

1) Andrew Griffiths to publicly apologise for his vote, to take away free school meals.

2) To stand down as our MP

our community can’t take anymore harsh cuts. 



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