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Allow unmarried fathers to add themselves to children's Birth Certificates in the UK

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Unmarried fathers in the UK need to be able to have parental responsibility for their children despite mothers simply not wanting them to.

a father must be given the right to add his name to his child's birth certificate without being married to the mother and without the mother's consent, for too long the so called carrot of parental responsibility has been dangled in front of loving fathers as a weapon during, for the most part, unnecessary family court battles. This must change NOW.

the entire system treats fathers unfairly and needs to be overhauled so that all fathers are recognised as having 50/50 rights and 50/50 residency as a baseline with exceptions made in EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES OF CONVICTED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. I realise the government isn't ready to fully recognise the rights of fathers no matter how backwards that may be but we have to start somewhere.

My ex partner has been able to keep me from having parental rights to my son for 8 and a half years. 

She has done this by routinely ignoring court orders, lying to courts and keeping my name firmly off my son's Birth certificate.

i have been completely alienated from my son by his mother on the grounds of convenience, she has another child with her ex partner, so she lies to my son and tells him that man is his dad in order to have a place to put both her kids at once every weekend.

She put my son at risk with a child sex offender for 2 years, she pretends to this day that this man who is in Prison is my son's great grandfather, he is the grandfather of the man that she pretends is his father. I have NO RIGHTS and when I asked Children's services to step in on my behalf to investigate the involvement, they told me as I do not have parental responsibility, they can not act on my behalf. I CAN NOT EVEN PROTECT MY CHILD. 

I HAVE ALWAYS PAID CHILD MAINTENANCE FOR A CHILD I HAVE NO PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR. I am not even allowed to find out about any medical problems he may have or in fact how he is doing in education and any attempt for me to find these things out is taken by his so called mother as harassment, which she often tries to prosecute me for despite court orders stating she must be providing this information, no parental responsibility. No right.

Failure to pay would see me dragged in front of a court and prosecuted, why is this? If a mother refuses to give parental rights to a loving parent, who has 2 very well taken care of children at home such as myself then that parent should not be forced to pay for that child. What exactly am I paying for? I don't even have any evidence my son still exists!

Unmarried fathers need to be able to approach town halls and add their own names to their children's birth certificates, if a mother disputes the parentage then a DNA test that the mother has to agree to submit to under threat of prosecution should be ordered.

If, as in my case, DNA has already been established and there are no criminal convictions of ANY KIND (though in reality most convictions are irrelevant to the issue at hand) 

It is the fundamental right of our children to know where they come from.

This needs to be placed with IMMEDIATE EFFECT as the first stepping stone in moving to a system where parents are finally treated equally.

Mothers have no right to deny us being named as our children's fathers and then demanding money from us and the government has no right to promote such awful behaviour with rules that make sure they can get away with It.

I call upon the UK government to change the law regarding this NOW.


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